Interface ConsumerStats

public interface ConsumerStats
Consumer statistics.
  • Method Details

    • getMsgRateOut

      double getMsgRateOut()
      Total rate of messages delivered to the consumer (msg/s).
    • getMsgThroughputOut

      double getMsgThroughputOut()
      Total throughput delivered to the consumer (bytes/s).
    • getBytesOutCounter

      long getBytesOutCounter()
      Total bytes delivered to consumer (bytes).
    • getMsgOutCounter

      long getMsgOutCounter()
      Total messages delivered to consumer (msg).
    • getMsgRateRedeliver

      double getMsgRateRedeliver()
      Total rate of messages redelivered by this consumer (msg/s).
    • getMessageAckRate

      double getMessageAckRate()
      Total rate of message ack(msg/s).
    • getChunkedMessageRate

      double getChunkedMessageRate()
      The total rate of chunked messages delivered to this consumer.
    • getConsumerName

      String getConsumerName()
      Name of the consumer.
    • getAvailablePermits

      int getAvailablePermits()
      Number of available message permits for the consumer.
    • getUnackedMessages

      int getUnackedMessages()
      Number of unacknowledged messages for the consumer.
    • getAvgMessagesPerEntry

      int getAvgMessagesPerEntry()
      Number of average messages per entry for the consumer consumed.
    • isBlockedConsumerOnUnackedMsgs

      boolean isBlockedConsumerOnUnackedMsgs()
      Flag to verify if consumer is blocked due to reaching threshold of unacked messages.
    • getReadPositionWhenJoining

      String getReadPositionWhenJoining()
      The read position of the cursor when the consumer joining.
    • getAddress

      String getAddress()
      Address of this consumer.
    • getConnectedSince

      String getConnectedSince()
      Timestamp of connection.
    • getClientVersion

      String getClientVersion()
      Client library version.
    • getLastAckedTimestamp

      long getLastAckedTimestamp()
    • getLastConsumedTimestamp

      long getLastConsumedTimestamp()
    • getKeyHashRanges

      List<String> getKeyHashRanges()
      Hash ranges assigned to this consumer if is Key_Shared sub mode.
    • getMetadata

      Map<String,String> getMetadata()
      Metadata (key/value strings) associated with this consumer.