Interface ConsumerStats

public interface ConsumerStats
Consumer statistics.
  • Method Details

    • getMsgRateOut

      double getMsgRateOut()
      Total rate of messages delivered to the consumer (msg/s).
    • getMsgThroughputOut

      double getMsgThroughputOut()
      Total throughput delivered to the consumer (bytes/s).
    • getBytesOutCounter

      long getBytesOutCounter()
      Total bytes delivered to consumer (bytes).
    • getMsgOutCounter

      long getMsgOutCounter()
      Total messages delivered to consumer (msg).
    • getMsgRateRedeliver

      double getMsgRateRedeliver()
      Total rate of messages redelivered by this consumer (msg/s).
    • getMessageAckRate

      double getMessageAckRate()
      Total rate of message ack(msg/s).
    • getChunkedMessageRate

      double getChunkedMessageRate()
      The total rate of chunked messages delivered to this consumer.
    • getConsumerName

      String getConsumerName()
      Name of the consumer.
    • getAvailablePermits

      int getAvailablePermits()
      Number of available message permits for the consumer.
    • getUnackedMessages

      int getUnackedMessages()
      Number of unacknowledged messages for the consumer, where an unacknowledged message is one that has been sent to the consumer but not yet acknowledged. This field is only meaningful when using a SubscriptionType that tracks individual message acknowledgement, like SubscriptionType.Shared or SubscriptionType.Key_Shared.
    • getAvgMessagesPerEntry

      int getAvgMessagesPerEntry()
      Number of average messages per entry for the consumer consumed.
    • isBlockedConsumerOnUnackedMsgs

      boolean isBlockedConsumerOnUnackedMsgs()
      Flag to verify if consumer is blocked due to reaching threshold of unacked messages.
    • getReadPositionWhenJoining

      String getReadPositionWhenJoining()
      The read position of the cursor when the consumer joining.
    • getAddress

      String getAddress()
      Address of this consumer.
    • getConnectedSince

      String getConnectedSince()
      Timestamp of connection.
    • getClientVersion

      String getClientVersion()
      Client library version.
    • getLastAckedTimestamp

      long getLastAckedTimestamp()
    • getLastConsumedTimestamp

      long getLastConsumedTimestamp()
    • getLastConsumedFlowTimestamp

      long getLastConsumedFlowTimestamp()
    • getKeyHashRanges

      List<String> getKeyHashRanges()
      Hash ranges assigned to this consumer if is Key_Shared sub mode.
    • getMetadata

      Map<String,String> getMetadata()
      Metadata (key/value strings) associated with this consumer.