Class ManagedLedgerInternalStats

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public class ManagedLedgerInternalStats extends Object
ManagedLedger internal statistics.
  • Field Details

    • entriesAddedCounter

      public long entriesAddedCounter
      Messages published since this broker loaded this managedLedger.
    • numberOfEntries

      public long numberOfEntries
      The total number of entries being tracked.
    • totalSize

      public long totalSize
      The total storage size of all messages (in bytes).
    • currentLedgerEntries

      public long currentLedgerEntries
      The count of messages written to the ledger that is currently open for writing.
    • currentLedgerSize

      public long currentLedgerSize
      The size of messages written to the ledger that is currently open for writing (in bytes).
    • lastLedgerCreatedTimestamp

      public String lastLedgerCreatedTimestamp
      The time when the last ledger is created.
    • lastLedgerCreationFailureTimestamp

      public String lastLedgerCreationFailureTimestamp
      The time when the last ledger failed.
    • waitingCursorsCount

      public int waitingCursorsCount
      The number of cursors that are "caught up" and waiting for a new message to be published.
    • pendingAddEntriesCount

      public int pendingAddEntriesCount
      The number of messages that complete (asynchronous) write requests.
    • lastConfirmedEntry

      public String lastConfirmedEntry
      The ledgerid: entryid of the last message that is written successfully. If the entryid is -1, then the ledger is open, yet no entries are written.
    • state

      public String state
      The state of this ledger for writing. The state LedgerOpened means that a ledger is open for saving published messages.
    • ledgers

      The ordered list of all ledgers for this topic holding messages.
    • cursors

      The list of all cursors on this topic. Each subscription in the topic stats has a cursor.
  • Constructor Details

    • ManagedLedgerInternalStats

      public ManagedLedgerInternalStats()