Interface ReplicatorStats

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public interface ReplicatorStats
Statistics about a replicator.
  • Method Details

    • getMsgRateIn

      double getMsgRateIn()
      Total rate of messages received from the remote cluster (msg/s).
    • getMsgThroughputIn

      double getMsgThroughputIn()
      Total throughput received from the remote cluster (bytes/s).
    • getMsgRateOut

      double getMsgRateOut()
      Total rate of messages delivered to the replication-subscriber (msg/s).
    • getMsgThroughputOut

      double getMsgThroughputOut()
      Total throughput delivered to the replication-subscriber (bytes/s).
    • getMsgRateExpired

      double getMsgRateExpired()
      Total rate of messages expired (msg/s).
    • getReplicationBacklog

      long getReplicationBacklog()
      Number of messages pending to be replicated to remote cluster.
    • isConnected

      boolean isConnected()
      is the replication-subscriber up and running to replicate to remote cluster.
    • getReplicationDelayInSeconds

      long getReplicationDelayInSeconds()
      Time in seconds from the time a message was produced to the time when it is about to be replicated.
    • getInboundConnection

      String getInboundConnection()
      Address of incoming replication connection.
    • getInboundConnectedSince

      String getInboundConnectedSince()
      Timestamp of incoming connection establishment time.
    • getOutboundConnection

      String getOutboundConnection()
      Address of outbound replication connection.
    • getOutboundConnectedSince

      String getOutboundConnectedSince()
      Timestamp of outbound connection establishment time.