Interface LoadManagerReport

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public interface LoadManagerReport extends ServiceLookupData
This class represents the overall load of the broker - it includes overall SystemResourceUsage and Bundle-usage.
  • Method Details

    • getCpu

      ResourceUsage getCpu()
    • getMemory

      ResourceUsage getMemory()
    • getDirectMemory

      ResourceUsage getDirectMemory()
    • getBandwidthIn

      ResourceUsage getBandwidthIn()
    • getBandwidthOut

      ResourceUsage getBandwidthOut()
    • getLastUpdate

      long getLastUpdate()
    • getBundleStats

      Map<String,NamespaceBundleStats> getBundleStats()
    • getNumTopics

      int getNumTopics()
    • getNumBundles

      int getNumBundles()
    • getNumConsumers

      int getNumConsumers()
    • getNumProducers

      int getNumProducers()
    • getMsgThroughputIn

      double getMsgThroughputIn()
    • getMsgThroughputOut

      double getMsgThroughputOut()
    • getMsgRateIn

      double getMsgRateIn()
    • getMsgRateOut

      double getMsgRateOut()
    • getBrokerVersionString

      String getBrokerVersionString()
    • isPersistentTopicsEnabled

      boolean isPersistentTopicsEnabled()
    • isNonPersistentTopicsEnabled

      boolean isNonPersistentTopicsEnabled()