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19#ifndef ERROR_HPP_
20#define ERROR_HPP_
22#include <pulsar/defines.h>
24#include <iosfwd>
26namespace pulsar {
99// Return string representation of result code
100PULSAR_PUBLIC const char* strResult(Result result);
102PULSAR_PUBLIC std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& s, pulsar::Result result);
103} // namespace pulsar
105#endif /* ERROR_HPP_ */
Definition Authentication.h:31
Definition Result.h:32
@ ResultNotConnected
Exclusive consumer is already connected.
Definition Result.h:54
@ ResultTooManyLookupRequestException
Producer with same name is already connected.
Definition Result.h:62
@ ResultSubscriptionNotFound
Topic not found.
Definition Result.h:74
@ ResultOk
An internal error code used for retry.
Definition Result.h:34
@ ResultProducerQueueIsFull
Producer is getting exception.
Definition Result.h:71
@ ResultUnknownError
Operation successful.
Definition Result.h:36
@ ResultBrokerMetadataError
Client cannot find authorization data.
Definition Result.h:49
@ ResultDisconnected
Interrupted while waiting to dequeue.
Definition Result.h:96
@ ResultAuthenticationError
Failed to read from socket.
Definition Result.h:45
@ ResultProducerNotInitialized
Consumer is not initialized.
Definition Result.h:60
@ ResultCumulativeAcknowledgementNotAllowedError
Definition Result.h:83
@ ResultTransactionConflict
Not allowed.
Definition Result.h:88
@ ResultBrokerPersistenceError
Broker failed in updating metadata.
Definition Result.h:50
@ ResultLookupError
Operation timed out.
Definition Result.h:41
@ ResultMessageTooBig
Producer queue is full.
Definition Result.h:72
@ ResultConsumerNotInitialized
Error in publishing an already used message.
Definition Result.h:59
@ ResultAuthorizationError
Authentication failed on broker.
Definition Result.h:46
@ ResultConsumerBusy
Corrupt message checksum failure.
Definition Result.h:53
@ ResultOperationNotSupported
Definition Result.h:68
@ ResultChecksumError
Broker failed to persist entry.
Definition Result.h:51
@ ResultTopicTerminated
Error when an older client/version doesn't support a required feature.
Definition Result.h:77
@ ResultProducerFenced
Transaction not found.
Definition Result.h:90
@ ResultTransactionCoordinatorNotFoundError
Definition Result.h:85
@ ResultInterrupted
Client-wide memory limit has been reached.
Definition Result.h:94
@ ResultInvalidUrl
Invalid topic name.
Definition Result.h:65
@ ResultAlreadyClosed
Producer/Consumer is not currently connected to broker.
Definition Result.h:55
@ ResultInvalidTxnStatusError
Transaction coordinator not found.
Definition Result.h:86
@ ResultMemoryBufferIsFull
Producer was fenced by broker.
Definition Result.h:92
@ ResultErrorGettingAuthenticationData
Client is not authorized to create producer/consumer.
Definition Result.h:47
@ ResultInvalidMessage
Producer/Consumer is already closed and not accepting any operation.
Definition Result.h:57
@ ResultUnsupportedVersionError
Consumer not found.
Definition Result.h:76
@ ResultReadError
Failed to connect to broker.
Definition Result.h:43
@ ResultConnectError
Broker lookup failed.
Definition Result.h:42
@ ResultProducerBlockedQuotaExceededException
Producer is blocked.
Definition Result.h:70
@ ResultConsumerAssignError
Specified schema is incompatible with the topic's schema.
Definition Result.h:81
@ ResultCryptoError
Topic was already terminated.
Definition Result.h:78
@ ResultConsumerNotFound
Subscription not found.
Definition Result.h:75
@ ResultProducerBusy
Producer is not initialized.
Definition Result.h:61
@ ResultTopicNotFound
Trying to send a messages exceeding the max size.
Definition Result.h:73
@ ResultNotAllowedError
Invalid txn status error.
Definition Result.h:87
@ ResultInvalidConfiguration
Unknown error happened on broker.
Definition Result.h:38
@ ResultTimeout
Invalid configuration.
Definition Result.h:40
@ ResultTransactionNotFound
Transaction ack conflict.
Definition Result.h:89
@ ResultServiceUnitNotReady
Client Initialized with Invalid Broker Url (VIP Url passed to Client Constructor)
Definition Result.h:66
@ ResultInvalidTopicName
Too Many concurrent LookupRequest.
Definition Result.h:64
@ ResultIncompatibleSchema
Error when crypto operation fails.
Definition Result.h:80