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Deprecated List
Member pulsar::BrokerConsumerStats::getImpl () const
Member pulsar::KeySharedPolicy::setStickyRanges (std::initializer_list< StickyRange > ranges)
use the function that takes StickyRanges instead of std::initializer_list
Member pulsar::MessageId::MessageId (int32_t partition, int64_t ledgerId, int64_t entryId, int32_t batchIndex)
Member pulsar::MessageId::setTopicName (const std::string &topicName)
This method will be eventually removed
Member pulsar::MessageRoutingPolicy::getPartition (const Message &msg)
Use int getPartition(const Message& msg, const TopicMetadata& topicMetadata)
Member pulsar::Producer::send (const Message &msg)
It's the same with send(const Message& msg, MessageId& messageId) except that MessageId will be stored in msg though msg is const.