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InfluxDB Connector


The InfluxDB Sink Connector is used to pull messages from Pulsar topics and persist the messages to an InfluxDB database.

Sink Configuration Options

influxdbUrlnulltrueThe url of the InfluxDB instance to connect to.
usernamenullfalseThe username used to authenticate to InfluxDB.
passwordnullfalseThe password used to authenticate to InfluxDB.
databasenulltrueThe InfluxDB database to write to.
consistencyLevelONEfalseThe consistency level for writing data to InfluxDB. Possible values [ALL, ANY, ONE, QUORUM].
logLevelNONEfalseThe log level for InfluxDB request and response. Possible values [NONE, BASIC, HEADERS, FULL].
retentionPolicyautogenfalseThe retention policy for the InfluxDB database.
gzipEnablefalsefalseFlag to determine if gzip should be enabled.
batchTimeMs1000falseThe InfluxDB operation time in milliseconds.
batchSize200falseThe batch size of write to InfluxDB database.