Pulsar stats

Partitioned topics

Stat Description
msgRateIn The sum of all local and replication publishers’ publish rates in messages per second
msgThroughputIn Same as msgRateIn but in bytes per second instead of messages per second
msgRateOut The sum of all local and replication consumers’ dispatch rates in messages per second
msgThroughputOut Same as msgRateOut but in bytes per second instead of messages per second
averageMsgSize Average message size, in bytes, from this publisher within the last interval
storageSize The sum of the ledgers’ storage size for this topic
publishers The list of all local publishers into the topic. There can be anywhere from zero to thousands.
producerId Internal identifier for this producer on this topic
producerName Internal identifier for this producer, generated by the client library
address IP address and source port for the connection of this producer
connectedSince Timestamp this producer was created or last reconnected
subscriptions The list of all local subscriptions to the topic
my-subscription The name of this subscription (client defined)
msgBacklog The count of messages in backlog for this subscription
type This subscription type
msgRateExpired The rate at which messages were discarded instead of dispatched from this subscription due to TTL
consumers The list of connected consumers for this subscription
consumerName Internal identifier for this consumer, generated by the client library
availablePermits The number of messages this consumer has space for in the client library’s listen queue. A value of 0 means the client library’s queue is full and receive() isn’t being called. A nonzero value means this consumer is ready to be dispatched messages.
replication This section gives the stats for cross-colo replication of this topic
replicationBacklog The outbound replication backlog in messages
connected Whether the outbound replicator is connected
replicationDelayInSeconds How long the oldest message has been waiting to be sent through the connection, if connected is true
inboundConnection The IP and port of the broker in the remote cluster’s publisher connection to this broker
inboundConnectedSince The TCP connection being used to publish messages to the remote cluster. If there are no local publishers connected, this connection is automatically closed after a minute.


Stat Description
entriesAddedCounter Messages published since this broker loaded this topic
numberOfEntries Total number of messages being tracked
totalSize Total storage size in bytes of all messages
currentLedgerEntries Count of messages written to the ledger currently open for writing
currentLedgerSize Size in bytes of messages written to ledger currently open for writing
lastLedgerCreatedTimestamp Time when last ledger was created
lastLedgerCreationFailureTimestamp time when last ledger was failed
waitingCursorsCount How many cursors are caught up and waiting for a new message to be published
pendingAddEntriesCount How many messages have (asynchronous) write requests we are waiting on completion
lastConfirmedEntry The ledgerid:entryid of the last message successfully written. If the entryid is -1, then the ledger has been opened or is currently being opened but has no entries written yet.
state The state of the cursor ledger. Open means we have a cursor ledger for saving updates of the markDeletePosition.
ledgers The ordered list of all ledgers for this topic holding its messages
cursors The list of all cursors on this topic. There will be one for every subscription you saw in the topic stats.
markDeletePosition The ack position: the last message the subscriber acknowledged receiving
readPosition The latest position of subscriber for reading message
waitingReadOp This is true when the subscription has read the latest message published to the topic and is waiting on new messages to be published.
pendingReadOps The counter for how many outstanding read requests to the BookKeepers we have in progress
messagesConsumedCounter Number of messages this cursor has acked since this broker loaded this topic
cursorLedger The ledger being used to persistently store the current markDeletePosition
cursorLedgerLastEntry The last entryid used to persistently store the current markDeletePosition
individuallyDeletedMessages If Acks are being done out of order, shows the ranges of messages Acked between the markDeletePosition and the read-position
lastLedgerSwitchTimestamp The last time the cursor ledger was rolled over