Interface SubscriptionStats

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public interface SubscriptionStats
Statistics about subscription.
  • Method Details

    • getMsgRateOut

      double getMsgRateOut()
      Total rate of messages delivered on this subscription (msg/s).
    • getMsgThroughputOut

      double getMsgThroughputOut()
      Total throughput delivered on this subscription (bytes/s).
    • getBytesOutCounter

      long getBytesOutCounter()
      Total bytes delivered to consumer (bytes).
    • getMsgOutCounter

      long getMsgOutCounter()
      Total messages delivered to consumer (msg).
    • getMsgRateRedeliver

      double getMsgRateRedeliver()
      Total rate of messages redelivered on this subscription (msg/s).
    • getMessageAckRate

      double getMessageAckRate()
      Total rate of message ack(msg/s).
    • getChunkedMessageRate

      int getChunkedMessageRate()
      Chunked message dispatch rate.
    • getMsgBacklog

      long getMsgBacklog()
      Number of entries in the subscription backlog.
    • getBacklogSize

      long getBacklogSize()
      Size of backlog in byte.
    • getEarliestMsgPublishTimeInBacklog

      long getEarliestMsgPublishTimeInBacklog()
      Get the publish time of the earliest message in the backlog.
    • getMsgBacklogNoDelayed

      long getMsgBacklogNoDelayed()
      Number of entries in the subscription backlog that do not contain the delay messages.
    • isBlockedSubscriptionOnUnackedMsgs

      boolean isBlockedSubscriptionOnUnackedMsgs()
      Flag to verify if subscription is blocked due to reaching threshold of unacked messages.
    • getMsgDelayed

      long getMsgDelayed()
      Number of delayed messages currently being tracked.
    • getUnackedMessages

      long getUnackedMessages()
      Number of unacknowledged messages for the subscription, where an unacknowledged message is one that has been sent to a consumer but not yet acknowledged. Calculated by summing all ConsumerStats.getUnackedMessages() for this subscription. See ConsumerStats.getUnackedMessages() for additional details.
    • getType

      String getType()
      The subscription type as defined by SubscriptionType.
    • getActiveConsumerName

      String getActiveConsumerName()
      The name of the consumer that is active for single active consumer subscriptions i.e. failover or exclusive.
    • getMsgRateExpired

      double getMsgRateExpired()
      Total rate of messages expired on this subscription (msg/s).
    • getTotalMsgExpired

      long getTotalMsgExpired()
      Total messages expired on this subscription.
    • getLastExpireTimestamp

      long getLastExpireTimestamp()
      Last message expire execution timestamp.
    • getLastConsumedFlowTimestamp

      long getLastConsumedFlowTimestamp()
      Last received consume flow command timestamp.
    • getLastConsumedTimestamp

      long getLastConsumedTimestamp()
      Last consume message timestamp.
    • getLastAckedTimestamp

      long getLastAckedTimestamp()
      Last acked message timestamp.
    • getLastMarkDeleteAdvancedTimestamp

      long getLastMarkDeleteAdvancedTimestamp()
      Last MarkDelete position advanced timesetamp.
    • getConsumers

      List<? extends ConsumerStats> getConsumers()
      List of connected consumers on this subscription w/ their stats.
    • isDurable

      boolean isDurable()
      Tells whether this subscription is durable or ephemeral (eg.: from a reader).
    • isReplicated

      boolean isReplicated()
      Mark that the subscription state is kept in sync across different regions.
    • isAllowOutOfOrderDelivery

      boolean isAllowOutOfOrderDelivery()
      Whether out of order delivery is allowed on the Key_Shared subscription.
    • getKeySharedMode

      String getKeySharedMode()
      Whether the Key_Shared subscription mode is AUTO_SPLIT or STICKY.
    • getConsumersAfterMarkDeletePosition

      Map<String,String> getConsumersAfterMarkDeletePosition()
      This is for Key_Shared subscription to get the recentJoinedConsumers in the Key_Shared subscription.
    • getSubscriptionProperties

      Map<String,String> getSubscriptionProperties()
      SubscriptionProperties (key/value strings) associated with this subscribe.
    • getNonContiguousDeletedMessagesRanges

      int getNonContiguousDeletedMessagesRanges()
      The number of non-contiguous deleted messages ranges.
    • getNonContiguousDeletedMessagesRangesSerializedSize

      int getNonContiguousDeletedMessagesRangesSerializedSize()
      The serialized size of non-contiguous deleted messages ranges.
    • getFilterProcessedMsgCount

      long getFilterProcessedMsgCount()
    • getFilterAcceptedMsgCount

      long getFilterAcceptedMsgCount()
    • getFilterRejectedMsgCount

      long getFilterRejectedMsgCount()
    • getFilterRescheduledMsgCount

      long getFilterRescheduledMsgCount()
    • getDelayedMessageIndexSizeInBytes

      long getDelayedMessageIndexSizeInBytes()