Class BatchReceivePolicy

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@Public @Stable public class BatchReceivePolicy extends Object implements Serializable
Configuration for message batch receive Consumer.batchReceive() Consumer.batchReceiveAsync().

Batch receive policy can limit the number and bytes of messages in a single batch, and can specify a timeout for waiting for enough messages for this batch.

This batch receive will be completed as long as any one of the conditions(has enough number of messages, has enough of size of messages, wait timeout) is met.

Examples: 1.If set maxNumMessages = 10, maxSizeOfMessages = 1MB and without timeout, it means Consumer.batchReceive() will always wait until there is enough messages. 2.If set maxNumberOfMessages = 0, maxNumBytes = 0 and timeout = 100ms, it means Consumer.batchReceive() will waiting for 100ms whether or not there is enough messages.

Note: Must specify messages limitation(maxNumMessages, maxNumBytes) or wait timeout. Otherwise, Messages ingest Message will never end.

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      public static final BatchReceivePolicy DEFAULT_POLICY
      Default batch receive policy.

      Max number of messages: no limit Max number of bytes: 10MB Timeout: 100ms


      public static final BatchReceivePolicy DEFAULT_MULTI_TOPICS_DISABLE_POLICY
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    • verify

      public void verify()
    • getTimeoutMs

      public long getTimeoutMs()
    • getMaxNumMessages

      public int getMaxNumMessages()
    • getMaxNumBytes

      public int getMaxNumBytes()
    • isMessagesFromMultiTopicsEnabled

      public boolean isMessagesFromMultiTopicsEnabled()
    • builder

      public static BatchReceivePolicy.Builder builder()
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      public String toString()
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