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pulsar::TypedMessage< T > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for pulsar::TypedMessage< T >:

Public Types

using Decoder = std::function< T(const char *, std::size_t)>
- Public Types inherited from pulsar::Message
typedef std::map< std::string, std::string > StringMap

Public Member Functions

 TypedMessage (const Message &message, Decoder decoder=[](const char *, std::size_t) { return T{};})
getValue () const
TypedMessagesetDecoder (Decoder decoder)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pulsar::Message
const StringMap & getProperties () const
bool hasProperty (const std::string &name) const
const std::string & getProperty (const std::string &name) const
const void * getData () const
std::size_t getLength () const
std::string getDataAsString () const
KeyValue getKeyValueData () const
const MessageIdgetMessageId () const
void setMessageId (const MessageId &messageId) const
int64_t getIndex () const
const std::string & getPartitionKey () const
bool hasPartitionKey () const
const std::string & getOrderingKey () const
bool hasOrderingKey () const
uint64_t getPublishTimestamp () const
uint64_t getEventTimestamp () const
const std::string & getTopicName () const
const int getRedeliveryCount () const
bool hasSchemaVersion () const
int64_t getLongSchemaVersion () const
const std::string & getSchemaVersion () const
bool operator== (const Message &msg) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from pulsar::Message
typedef std::shared_ptr< MessageImpl > MessageImplPtr
- Protected Member Functions inherited from pulsar::Message
 Message (MessageImplPtr &impl)
 Message (const MessageId &messageId, proto::BrokerEntryMetadata &brokerEntryMetadata, proto::MessageMetadata &metadata, SharedBuffer &payload)
 Message (const MessageId &messageId, proto::BrokerEntryMetadata &brokerEntryMetadata, proto::MessageMetadata &metadata, SharedBuffer &payload, proto::SingleMessageMetadata &singleMetadata, const std::shared_ptr< std::string > &topicName)
 Used for Batch Messages.
- Protected Attributes inherited from pulsar::Message
MessageImplPtr impl_

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