Interface TopicStats

All Known Subinterfaces:
NonPersistentPartitionedTopicStats, NonPersistentTopicStats, PartitionedTopicStats

public interface TopicStats
Statistics for a Pulsar topic.
  • Method Details

    • getMsgRateIn

      double getMsgRateIn()
      Total rate of messages published on the topic (msg/s).
    • getMsgThroughputIn

      double getMsgThroughputIn()
      Total throughput of messages published on the topic (byte/s).
    • getMsgRateOut

      double getMsgRateOut()
      Total rate of messages dispatched for the topic (msg/s).
    • getMsgThroughputOut

      double getMsgThroughputOut()
      Total throughput of messages dispatched for the topic (byte/s).
    • getBytesInCounter

      long getBytesInCounter()
      Total bytes published to the topic (bytes).
    • getMsgInCounter

      long getMsgInCounter()
      Total messages published to the topic (msg).
    • getBytesOutCounter

      long getBytesOutCounter()
      Total bytes delivered to consumer (bytes).
    • getMsgOutCounter

      long getMsgOutCounter()
      Total messages delivered to consumer (msg).
    • getAverageMsgSize

      double getAverageMsgSize()
      Average size of published messages (bytes).
    • isMsgChunkPublished

      boolean isMsgChunkPublished()
      Topic has chunked message published on it.
    • getStorageSize

      long getStorageSize()
      Space used to store the messages for the topic (bytes).
    • getBacklogSize

      long getBacklogSize()
      Get estimated total unconsumed or backlog size in bytes.
    • getEarliestMsgPublishTimeInBacklogs

      long getEarliestMsgPublishTimeInBacklogs()
      Get the publish time of the earliest message over all the backlogs.
    • getOffloadedStorageSize

      long getOffloadedStorageSize()
      Space used to store the offloaded messages for the topic/.
    • getPublishers

      List<? extends PublisherStats> getPublishers()
      List of connected publishers on this topic w/ their stats.
    • getWaitingPublishers

      int getWaitingPublishers()
    • getSubscriptions

      Map<String,? extends SubscriptionStats> getSubscriptions()
      Map of subscriptions with their individual statistics.
    • getReplication

      Map<String,? extends ReplicatorStats> getReplication()
      Map of replication statistics by remote cluster context.
    • getDeduplicationStatus

      String getDeduplicationStatus()
    • getTopicEpoch

      Long getTopicEpoch()
      The topic epoch or empty if not set.
    • getNonContiguousDeletedMessagesRanges

      int getNonContiguousDeletedMessagesRanges()
      The number of non-contiguous deleted messages ranges.
    • getNonContiguousDeletedMessagesRangesSerializedSize

      int getNonContiguousDeletedMessagesRangesSerializedSize()
      The serialized size of non-contiguous deleted messages ranges.
    • getCompaction

      CompactionStats getCompaction()
      The compaction stats.
    • getOwnerBroker

      String getOwnerBroker()
      The broker that owns this topic.
    • getDelayedMessageIndexSizeInBytes

      long getDelayedMessageIndexSizeInBytes()