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The Pulsar Python client library is based on the existing C++ client library. All the same features are exposed through the Python interface.

Currently, the supported Python versions are 3.7, 3.8, 3.9 and 3.10.

Install from PyPI

Download Python wheel binary files for macOS and Linux directly from the PyPI archive:

sudo pip install pulsar-client

Install from source code

Read the instructions on source code repository.

Module __about__ Undocumented
Module asyncio The Pulsar Python client APIs that work with the asyncio module.
Module exceptions Undocumented
Package functions No package docstring; 3/3 modules documented
Package schema Undocumented


Class Authentication Authentication provider object. Used to load authentication from an external shared library.
Class AuthenticationAthenz Athenz Authentication implementation
Class AuthenticationBasic Basic Authentication implementation
Class AuthenticationOauth2 Oauth2 Authentication implementation
Class AuthenticationTLS TLS Authentication implementation
Class AuthenticationToken Token based authentication implementation
Class Client The Pulsar client. A single client instance can be used to create producers and consumers on multiple topics.
Class ConsoleLogger Logger that writes on standard output
Class Consumer Pulsar consumer.
Class ConsumerBatchReceivePolicy Batch receive policy can limit the number and bytes of messages in a single batch, and can specify a timeout for waiting for enough messages for this batch.
Class ConsumerDeadLetterPolicy Configuration for the "dead letter queue" feature in consumer.
Class ConsumerKeySharedPolicy Consumer key shared policy is used to configure the consumer behaviour when the ConsumerType is KeyShared.
Class CryptoKeyReader Default crypto key reader implementation
Class FileLogger Logger that writes into a file
Class Message Message objects are returned by a consumer, either by calling receive or through a listener.
Class MessageBatch Undocumented
Class MessageId Represents a message id.
Class Producer The Pulsar message producer, used to publish messages on a topic.
Class Reader Pulsar topic reader.
Function _check_type Undocumented
Function _check_type_or_none Undocumented
Function _listener_wrapper Undocumented
Variable _retype Undocumented


def _check_type(var_type, var, name): (source)


def _check_type_or_none(var_type, var, name): (source)


def _listener_wrapper(listener, schema): (source)