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Cloud-Native, Distributed Messaging and Streaming

Apache Pulsar is a distributed, open source pub-sub messaging and streaming platform for real-time workloads, managing hundreds of billions of events per day.

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What is Apache Pulsar?

Apache Pulsar is a cloud-native, multi-tenant, high-performance solution for server-to-server messaging and queuing built on the publisher-subscribe (pub-sub) pattern. Pulsar combines the best features of a traditional messaging system like RabbitMQ with those of a pub-sub system like Apache Kafka – scaling up or down dynamically without downtime. It's used by thousands of companies for high-performance data pipelines, microservices, instant messaging, data integrations, and more.

Pulsar Features

Technology Solution


A multiple layer approach separating compute from storage to work with cloud infrastructures and Kubernetes.

Branch Offices

Serverless functions

Write serverless functions with developer-friendly APIs to natively process data immediately upon arrival. No need to run your own stream processing engine.


Horizontally scalable

Expand capacity seamlessly to hundreds of nodes.


Low latency with durability

Low publish latency (< 5ms) at scale with strong durability guarantees.

Global Directions


Configurable replication between data centers across multiple geographic regions.



Built from the ground up as a multi-tenant system. Supports isolation, authentication, authorization, and quotas.


Persistent storage

Persistent message storage based on Apache BookKeeper. IO-level isolation between write, and read operations.

Abstract Electronics

Client libraries

Flexible messaging models with high-level APIs for Java, Go, Python, C++, Node.js, WebSocket and C#.



REST Admin API for provisioning, administration, tools and monitoring. Can be deployed on bare metal, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services(AWS), and DataCenter Operating System(DC/OS).

Pulsar Users

Run in production at scale with millions of messages per second across millions of topics, Pulsar is now used by thousands of companies for real-time workloads.

Among the features we considered were tiered storage, as we planned to have unlimited retention (for event sourcing that matters a lot), flexible subscription model (we use exclusive at the moment, however we want to try per-key subscription), authorization via different methods including certificates and JWT (JSON Web Token), and an easy way to get it up and running.

Kirill Merkushev | Vivy

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