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Welcome to the Pulsar Community

The Apache Pulsar community includes people from around the globe who are developing and using the messaging and streaming platform for real-time workloads. We welcome contributions from anyone with a passion for distributed systems.

About the Community

The Pulsar community is composed of members of the Project Management Committee (PMC), committers, and contributors. Committers have direct access to the source of a project and actively evolve the codebase. Contributors improve the project through submission of patches and suggestions to be reviewed by the committers. The number of committers and contributors to the project is unbounded.

A successful project requires many people to play many roles.

Some write code or documentation, while others are valuable as testers, submitting patches, and suggestions. Get involved today! All contributions to the project are greatly appreciated.

Read the Apache Code of Conduct and Reporting Guidelines.


User Mailing List

General mailing list for user-related discussions.
Access the archives

Developer Mailing List

Questions and discussions related to Pulsar development.
Access the archives

Discussions at GitHub

A good place to ask any question, bring an idea or get support. Especially if you are not friends with mailing lists.

Stack Overflow

For technical questions, we ask that you post them to Stack Overflow using the tag apache-pulsar.


Use it for instant messaging and real-time discussions.

You can search the Slack discussions history on Linen.


Welcome to the Apache Pulsar Official Account at WeChat! The account ID is ApachePulsar.

Community Meetings

The community meeting occurs biweekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays to discuss new proposals, open pull requests, and host open discussions.

Project Governance

Project Management Committee (PMC)

Apache Pulsar is independently managed by its PMC, the governing body tasked with project management.

  • Technical direction.
  • Voting on new committers and PMC members.
  • Setting policies.
  • Formally voting on software product releases.

How to Contribute

Contributing to the Project

Pulsar has many different opportunities for contributions -- you can write new examples/tutorials, add new user-facing libraries, write new Pulsar IO connectors, participate in documentation, and more."

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter a problem with Pulsar, the first places to ask for help are the user mailing list or Stack Overflow.

If, after having asked for help, you suspect that you have found a bug in Pulsar, you should report it to the developer mailing list or by opening GitHub Issue. Please provide as much detail as you can on your problem. Don't forget to indicate which version of Pulsar you are running and on which environment.

Reporting a Vulnerability

To report a vulnerability for Pulsar, contact the Apache Security Team.
The process for reporting a vulnerability is outlined here. When reporting a vulnerability to, you can copy your email to to send your report to the Apache Pulsar Project Management Committee. This is a private mailing list.

Meet the Community

Pulsar community consists of PMC members, committers and contributors.
For the complete and up-to-date list, see Apache Pulsar Committee.

PMC members (41)

NameApache Id
Sahaya Andrewsandrews
Daniel Blankensteinerblankensteiner
Bo Congbogong
Brad McMillenbradtm
Hang Chenchenhang
David Jensendjensen
Enrico Olivellieolivelli
Jennifer Huanghjf
Hiroyuki Sakaihrsakai
Ivan Brendan Kellyivank
Jai Asherjai1
Boyang Jerry Pengjerrypeng
Haiting Jiangjianghaiting
Jim Jagielskijim
Joe Francisjoef
Lari Hotarilhotari
Lin Linlinlin
Liu Yuliuyu
Ludwig Pummerludwigp
Masakazu Kitajomaskit
Masahiro Sakamotomassakam
Qiang Zhaomattisonchao
Michael Marshallmmarshall
Matteo Merlimmerli
Nicolò Boschinicoloboschi
Nozomi Kuriharankurihar
Penghui Lipenghui
P. Taylor Goetzptgoetz
Rajan Dhabaliardhabalia
Sanjeev Kulkarnisanjeevrk
Siddharth Boobnasboobna
Sijie Guosijie
Sebasti√°n Schepenssschepens
Guo Jiweitechnoboy
Zili Chentison
Francis Christopher Liutoffer
David Fisherwave
Yunze Xuxyz
Yubiao Fengyubiao
Yuki Shigayushiga
Jia Zhaizhaijia

Committers (41)

NameApache Id
Ali Ahmedaahmed
Addison Highamaddisonj
Aloys Zhangaloyszhang
Asaf Mesikaamesika
Andrey Yegorovayegorov
Baodi Shibaodi
Christophe Bornetcbornet
Chris Kelloggcckellogg
Tao Jiumingdaojun
Dezhi Liudezhiliu
Yuri Mizushimaequanz
Guangning Eguangning
Heesung Sohnheesung
Yan Zhaohorizonzy
Xiaoyu Houhouxiaoyu
Qiang Huanghuangqiang
Huanli Menghuanlimeng
Jun Majunma
Yuto Furutak2la
Kai Wangkwang
Lin Chenlordcheng10
Neng Lunlu90
Chris Bonoonobc
Rui Furfu
Ran Gaorgao
Xiaolong Ranrxl
ZhangJian Heshoothzj
Fangbin Sunsunfangbin
Li Liurfree
Kiryl Valkovichvisortelle
Vineeth Polamreddyvpolamreddy
Xiangying Mengxiangying
Marvin Caixxc
Yijie Shenyjshen
Yong Zhangyong
Ruguo Yuyuruguo
Gavin Gaozhangmingao
Cong Zhaozhaocong
Zike Yangzike
Zixuan Liuzixuan
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