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There are many ways to get help from the Apache Pulsar community. The mailing lists are the primary place where all Pulsar committers are present. Bugs and feature requests can either be discussed on the dev mailing list or by opening an issue on Github.

Mailing Lists

users@pulsar.apache.orgUser-related discussionsSubscribeUnsubscribeArchives
dev@pulsar.apache.orgDevelopment-related discussionsSubscribeUnsubscribeArchives
commits@pulsar.apache.orgAll commits to the Pulsar repositorySubscribeUnsubscribeArchives

Stack Overflow

For technical questions, we ask that you post them to Stack Overflow using the tag “apache-pulsar”.


There is a Pulsar slack channel that is used for informal discussions for devs and users.

The Slack instance is at

You can self-register at


There are several WeChat groups that are used for informal discussions for devs and users.

To join these WeChat tech groups, you can add Bot with the WeChat ID: StreamNative_BJ