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Flume sink connector

The Flume sink connector pulls messages from Pulsar topics to logs.


The configuration of the Flume sink connector has the following properties.


nameStringtrue"" (empty string)The name of the agent.
confFileStringtrue"" (empty string)The configuration file.
noReloadConfBooleanfalsefalseWhether to reload configuration file if changed.
zkConnStringStringtrue"" (empty string)The ZooKeeper connection.
zkBasePathStringtrue"" (empty string)The base path in ZooKeeper for agent configuration.


Before using the Flume sink connector, you need to create a configuration file through one of the following methods.

For more information about the sink.conf in the example below, see here.

  • JSON

    "configs": {
    "name": "a1",
    "confFile": "sink.conf",
    "noReloadConf": "false",
    "zkConnString": "",
    "zkBasePath": ""

  • YAML

    name: a1
    confFile: sink.conf
    noReloadConf: false
    zkConnString: ""
    zkBasePath: ""