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hbase Connector


The hbase Sink Connector is used to pull messages from Pulsar topics and persist the messages to a hbase table.

Sink Configuration Options

All the Hbase sink settings are listed as below. All the settings are required to run a Hbase sink.

hbaseConfigResourcesnullfalsehbase system configuration 'hbase-site.xml' file.
zookeeperQuorumnulltruehbase system configuration about hbase.zookeeper.quorum value.
zookeeperClientPort2181falsehbase system configuration about value.
zookeeperZnodeParent/hbasefalsehbase system configuration about zookeeper.znode.parent value.
tableNamenulltruehbase table, value is namespace:tableName, namespace default value is default.
rowKeyNamenulltruehbase table rowkey name.
familyNamenulltruehbase table column family name.
qualifierNamesnulltruehbase table column qualifier names.
timeoutMs1000lfalsehbase table operation timeout in milliseconds.
batchSize200falseThe batch size of updates made to the hbase table.