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solr Connector


The solr Sink Connector is used to pull messages from Pulsar topics and persist the messages to a solr collection.

Sink Configuration Options

solrUrlnulltrueComma separated zookeeper hosts with chroot used in SolrCloud mode (eg: localhost:2181,localhost:2182/chroot) or Url to connect to solr used in Standalone mode (e.g. localhost:8983/solr).
solrModeSolrCloudtrueThe client mode to use when interacting with the Solr cluster. Possible values [Standalone, SolrCloud].
solrCollectionnulltrueSolr collection name to which records need to be written.
solrCommitWithinMs10falseCommit within milli seconds for solr update, if none passes defaults to 10 ms.
usernamenullfalseThe username to use for basic authentication.
passwordnullfalseThe password to use for basic authentication.