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Version: 3.3.x

Aerospike sink connector


You can download all the Pulsar connectors on download page.

The Aerospike sink connector pulls messages from Pulsar topics to Aerospike clusters.


The configuration of the Aerospike sink connector has the following properties.


seedHostsStringtrueNo default valueThe comma-separated list of one or more Aerospike cluster hosts.

Each host can be specified as a valid IP address or hostname followed by an optional port number.
keyspaceStringtrueNo default valueThe Aerospike namespace.
columnNameStringtrueNo default valueThe Aerospike column name.
userNameStringfalseNULLThe Aerospike username.
passwordStringfalseNULLThe Aerospike password.
keySetStringfalseNULLThe Aerospike set name.
maxConcurrentRequestsintfalse100The maximum number of concurrent Aerospike transactions that a sink can open.
timeoutMsintfalse100This property controls socketTimeout and totalTimeout for Aerospike transactions.
retriesintfalse1The maximum number of retries before aborting a write transaction to Aerospike.