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Client CPP 2.10.2

  • [fix][c++] Rename function name: pulsar_producer_configuration_set_crypto_failure_action #16031
  • [fix][c++] Fix the close of Client might stuck or return a wrong result #16285
  • [fix][c++] Fix libcurl build failure when building deb package #17614
  • [fix][c++] Fix multi-topics consumer close segmentation fault #17239
  • [fix][c++] Fix potential segfault when resending messages #17395
  • [improve][c++] Reset havePendingPingRequest flag for any data received from broker #17658
  • [improve][c++] Use an atomic state_ instead of the lock to improve performance #16940
  • [improve][c++] Upgrade OpenSSL to version 1.1.1n #17538
  • [improve][c++] Delete PartitionedConsumerImpl, use MultiTopicsConsumerImpl instead #16969
  • [cleanup][c++] Clean up C++ client curl configuration #16064