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Client Java 2.10.0

  • [Java] Support creating a consumer in the paused state #11974
  • [Java] Support passing existing executor providers to the client #12037
  • [Java] Fix the producer OOM if got an exception while adding messages to batch container #12170
  • [Java] Allow to config client allocator out of memory policy #12200
  • [Java] Support negative ack redelivery backoff #12566
  • [Java] Fix confusing logs in UnAckedMessageTracker #13017
  • [Java] Fix parseProtobufSchema method will be called two times #13163
  • [Java] Add getNumPartitions method into PartitionedProducerImpl #13239
  • [Java] Allow config client dns bind addr and port #13390
  • [Java] Support adding custom properties for the reconsumeLater interface #13461
  • [Java] Allow Client Builder set Dnslookup params #13503
  • [Java] Avoid repeatedly set startMessageIdData to null for ConsumerImpl #13606
  • [Java] Let the 'properties' to be empty for ConsumerBuilder and ProducerBuilder #14074
  • [Java] Log producer batchSize and msgSize percentiles #14229