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Client Java 2.5.1

  • [Client] Start reader inside batch result in read first message in batch. #6345
  • [Client] Stop shade snappy-java in pulsar-client-shaded #6375
  • [Client] MultiTopics discovery is broken due to discovery task scheduled twice instead of pendingBatchReceiveTask #6407
  • [Client] Make SubscriptionMode a member of ConsumerConfigurationData #6337
  • [Client] Should set either start message id or start message from roll back duration. #6392
  • [Client] BatchReceivePolicy implements Serializable. #6423
  • [Client] Remove duplicate cnx method #6490
  • [Client] Pulsar Java client: Use System.nanoTime() instead of System.currentTimeMillis() to measure elapsed time #6454
  • [Client] Make tests more stable by using JSONAssert equals #6247
  • [Client] make acker in BatchMessageIdImpl transient #6064