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Client Java 2.6.1

  • [Java Client] Fix the issue that the HTTP header used in Athenz authentication can not be renamed #7311
  • [Java Client] Add more detail information of retry errors #7341
  • [Java Client] Check NPE when a tombstone (null value) is produced. #7408
  • [Java Client] Fix batch ackset recycled multiple times. #7409
  • [Java Client] Support Oauth2 authentication #7420
  • [Java Client] Ensure the create subscription can be completed when the operation timeout happens #7522
  • [Java Client] Fix race condition on the close consumer while reconnecting to the broker. #7589
  • [Java Client] Fix validation never return false #7593
  • [Java Client] Make OAuth2 auth plugin to use AsyncHttpClient #7615
  • [Java Client] Support to set listener name for client CLI #7621
  • [Java Client] Fix batch index filter issue in Consumer #7654
  • [Java Client] Fix the backward compatibility issues with batch index acknowledgment. #7655
  • [Java Client] Fix the issue that batchReceiveAsync is not completed exceptionally when closing consumer #7661
  • [Java Client] Fix producer stats recorder time unit error #7670
  • [Java Client] Fix shutdown AsyncHttpConnector.delayer #7687