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Client Java 2.9.0

  • Add partition-change API for producer or consumer interceptors. 12287
  • Fix deadLetterPolicy is not working with key shared subscription under partitioned topic. 12148
  • Fix endless receiveAsync loop in MultiTopicsConsumer. 12044
  • Reduce redundant FLOW requests for non-durable multi-topics consumer. 11802
  • Set and return topic names on message API. 11743
  • Separate lookup timeout from operation timeout (PIP-91). 11627
  • Switch from pretty print to compact print for configs. 11609
  • Java Client: remove usage of reflection while using Pulsar Implementation classes. 11636
  • Add a optional params scope for pulsar oauth2 client. 11931
  • Schema.NATIVE_AVRO: add a version of AUTO_PRODUCE_BYTES that doesn't validate the message in encode. 11238