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Client Java 2.9.5

  • [fix][client] Fix reader listener can't auto ack with pooled message. (#19354)
  • [fix][client] Prevent DNS reverse lookup when physical address is an IP address (#19028)
  • [fix][client] Set fields earlier for correct ClientCnx initialization (#19327)
  • [improve][client] Change the get lastMessageId to debug level (#18421)
  • [fix][client] For exclusive subscriptions, if two consumers are created repeatedly, the second consumer will block #18633
  • [fix][client] Fix async completion in ConsumerImpl#processPossibleToDLQ (#19392)
  • [fix][client] Broker address resolution wrong if connect through a multi-dns names proxy (#19597)
  • [fix][client] Fix memory leak if enabled pooled messages (#19585)
  • [fix][client] Fix IllegalThreadStateException when using newThread in ExecutorProvider.ExtendedThreadFactory (#18268)