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Client Java 3.0.3

  • [fix][client] fix huge permits if acked a half batched message 22091
  • [fix][client] Do no retrying for error subscription not found when disabled allowAutoSubscriptionCreation 22078
  • [fix][client] Fix ConsumerBuilderImpl#subscribe silent stuck when using pulsar-client:3.0.x with jackson-annotations prior to 2.12.0 21985
  • [fix][client] Fix multi-topics consumer could receive old messages after seek 21945
  • [cleanup][client] Fix inconsistent API annotations of getTopicName [21620]
  • [fix][client] fix negative message re-delivery twice issue 20750
  • [fix][client] Fix messages in the batch container timed out unexpectedly 21889
  • [improve][client] Prevent reserve memory with a negative memory size to avoid send task stuck 21804
  • [fix][client] Fix producer thread block forever on memory limit controller 21790
  • [fix][client] Messages lost due to TopicListWatcher reconnect 21853