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Client Java 3.2.2

  • [fix][client] Consumer lost message ack due to race condition in acknowledge with batch message (#22353)
  • [fix][client] Do no retrying for error subscription not found when disabled allowAutoSubscriptionCreation (#22164)
  • [fix][client] Fix wrong results of hasMessageAvailable and readNext after seeking by timestamp (#22363)
  • [fix][client] GenericProtobufNativeSchema not implement getNativeSchema method. (#22204)
  • [fix][client] Unclear error message when creating a consumer with two same topics (#22255)
  • [fix][client] fix Reader.hasMessageAvailable might return true after seeking to latest (#22201)
  • [fix][client]Fixed getting an incorrect maxMessageSize value when accessing multiple clusters in the same process (#22306)
  • [fix][misc] Make ConcurrentBitSet thread safe (#22361)
  • [improve][misc] Remove the call to sun InetAddressCachePolicy (#22329)