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Apache Pulsar 2.5.2


Fixes and Enhancements

  • [Broker] Implement AutoTopicCreation by namespace level override #6471
  • [Broker] Add custom deletionLag and threshold for offload policies per namespace  #6422
  • [Broker] Invalidate managed ledgers zookeeper cache instead of reloading on watcher triggered #6659
  • [Broker] Retention policy should be respected when there is no traffic #6676
  • [Broker] Fixed double delete on a namespace #6713
  • [Broker] fix get batch message from http response, only get the first message#6715
  • [Broker] Fix Deadlock by Consumer and Reader#6728
  • [Broker] avoid backpressure by skipping dispatching if consumer channel is not writable #6740
  • [Broker] fix when producing encrypted messages, MessageMetadata objects are not released after they are created. #6745
  • [Broker] Bump netty version to 4.1.48.Final #6746
  • [Broker] Increase timeout for loading topics #6750
  • [Broker] Fix wrong cursor state for cursor without consumer  #6766
  • [Broker] change nondurable cursor to active to improve performance #6769
  • [Broker] register loadbalance znode should attempt to wait until session expired #6788
  • [Broker] Fix some empty message related problems in the compacted topic. #6795
  • [Broker] Avoid creating partitioned topic for partition name #6846
  • [Broker] Add Tls with keystore type config support #6853
  • [Broker] fix consumer stuck when batchReceivePolicy maxNumMessages > maxReceiverQueueSize #6862
  • [Broker] use originalAuthMethod on originalAuthChecker in Proxy Authentication #6870
  • [Broker] Close producer when the topic does not exists. #6879
  • [Broker] Handle all exceptions from topic.addProducer #6881
  • [Broker] fix topicPublishRateLimiter not effective after restart broker #6893
  • [Broker] Expose pulsar_out_bytes_total and pulsar_out_messages_total for namespace/subscription/consumer. #6918
  • [Broker] Policy ttlDurationDefaultInSeconds not applying  #6920
  • [Broker] Fix pulsar admin thread number explode bug. #6940
Pulsar Schema
  • [Schema] Fix long field parse in GenricJsonRecord #6622
  • [Schema] Fix the leak of cursor reset if message encode fails in Avro schema. #6695
  • [Schema] fix Get schema by version can get the deleted schema info #6754 #6754
  • [Schema] Fix serialization of enums with json/avro schemas in python #6808
  • [Schema] Pulsar SQL Support Avro Schema ByteBuffer Type #6925
Pulsar Functions
  • [Functions] Support function with format: Function<I, CompletableFuture<O>>#6684
  • [Functions] Function endpoint admin/v3/functions/{tenant}/{namespace} always returns 404 #6767
  • [Functions] Ensure that all dangling consumers are cleaned up during failures #6778
  • [Functions] Fix localrunner netty dependency issue #6779
  • [Functions] Fix SerDe validation of function's update #6888
Tiered Storage
  • [Tiered Storage] Extract common SerDe method in tiered storage to managed-ledger module #6533
  • [Tiered Storage] Make SchemaStorage accessible in Offloader #6567
  • [Tiered Storage] Avoid prefetch too much data causing OutOfMemory, when offloading data to HDFS #6717
Pulsar IO
  • [IO] JDBC sink does not handle null in schema #6848
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