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Apache Pulsar 2.6.3



  • Update the BookKeeper to version 4.11.1 #8604
  • Use the correct configuration for the expiration time of the ZooKeeper cache #8302
  • Refresh ZooKeeper-data cache in background to avoid deadlock and blocking IO on the ZooKeeper thread #8304
  • Add elapsedMs in the creation of the ledger log #8473
  • Fix the race condition when calling acknowledgementWasProcessed() #8499
  • Fix the way to handle errors for client requests #8518
  • Expose consumer names after the mark delete position for the Key_Shared subscription #8545
  • Close topics that remain fenced forcefully #8561
  • Expose the last disconnected timestamp for producers and consumers #8605
  • Support the HAProxy proxy protocol for Pulsar broker and Pulsar Proxy #8686
  • Clear delayed messages when clearing the backlog #8691
  • Fix the Jclouds Azure credential error #8693
  • Improve environment configiguration handling #8709
  • Fix the issue with failing to get lastMessageId for an empty topic due to message retention #8725
  • Ensure that the Offload manager is initialized once #8739
  • Fix the issue with getting partition metadata for a non-existed topic #8818
  • Fix the exception cast error #8828
  • Export Prometheus metric for messageTTL #8871
  • Fix the issue that GenericJsonReader converts the null value to string "null" #8883
  • Capture stats with precise backlog #8928
  • Monitor if a cursor moves its mark-delete position #8930
  • Intercept beforeSendMessage calls #8932
  • Expose non-contiguous deleted messages ranges stats #8936
  • Fix NPE in PersistentStickyKeyDispatcherMultipleConsumers #8969
  • Fix the issue that an exception is thrown when peeking at compressed messages (Readonly buffers are not supported by Airlift) #8990
  • Remove the duplicated broker Prometheus metrics type #8995
  • Improve the way to handle errors when the broker does not trust client certificates #8998
  • Add the raw Prometheus metrics provider #9021
  • Support chained authentication with same authentication method name #9094
  • Fix regression in #9097


  • Fix the request.getContentLength() to return 0 if it is less than 0 #8448
  • Add the error log for the Pulsar Proxy starter #8451
  • Support enabling WebSocket on Pulsar Proxy #8613
  • Fix the issue that the Proxy bindAddress configuration does not work for the servicePort #9068

Pulsar Perf

  • Support WebSocket Producer for V2 topics #8535

Pulsar IO

  • Make Schema information of Source topic available to downstream Sinks #8854
  • Fix the error log of the Debezium connector #9063


  • Propagate user-defined parameter into instances of Golang Pulsar Functions #8132
  • Go functions supports Kubernetes runtime #8352