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Apache Pulsar 2.7.5



  • [fix][broker] Fix NPE when ledger id not found in OpReadEntry#16966
  • [fix][broker] Validate rack name #16850
  • [fix][broker] Fix invalid rack name cause bookie join rack failed #16845
  • [fix][broker] Avoid potentially blocking calls to metadata in PersistentTopic#getMessageTTL #16899
  • [fix][broker] Fix create client with TLS config #16326
  • [fix][broker] Fixed deadlock on metadata cache missing while doing checkReplication #16889
  • [fix][broker] Fix the wrong unit of NIC speed on Linux #15770
  • [fix][broker] Close connection if a ping or pong message cannot be sent #15382
  • [fix][broker] Fix MessageDeduplication#inactiveProducers may not be persistence correctly #15206
  • [fix][broker] Fix messageDedup delete inactive producer name #12493
  • [fix][broker] Fix the reader skips compacted data which original ledger been removed. #16407
  • [fix][broker] Fix getting the last message-id from an empty compact ledger. #16402
  • [fix][broker] Return message ID from compacted ledger while the compaction cursor reaches the end of the topic. #16395
  • [fix][broker] Fix skips compacted data for reader/consumer #16301
  • [fix][broker] Fix reader skipped remaining compacted data during the topic unloading #16300
  • [fix][broker] Fix passing incorrect authentication data #16201
  • [fix][broker] Fix incorrect returned last message ID while the lastConfirmedEntry with negative entry ID #16299
  • [fix][broker] Fix can not enable system topic if AutoUpdateSchemaEnabled=false. #15754
  • [fix][broker] Fix lost message issue due to ledger rollover. #14703
  • [fix][broker] Fix lost message issues 12221 #12223
  • [fix][broker] Fix TopicPoliciesCacheNotInitException issue. #14293
  • [fix][broker] Fix deadlock when use key_shared mode #11965
  • [fix][broker] Fix log content error when OverloadShedder is not used. #13540
  • [improve][broker] Skip unnecessary DNS resolution when creating AuthenticationDataHttp instance #15221
  • [improve][broker] Improve error logging for topic not found [#13950) #14893
  • [improve][broker] Trim configuration value string which contains blank prefix or suffix string #13984
  • [improve][broker] Configure DLog Bookie, Pulsar, and Admin clients via pass-through config #15818
  • [cleanup][broker] Improve skipping of DNS resolution when creating AuthenticationDataHttp instance #15228
  • [cleanup][broker] Remove useless code to avoid confusion in OpReadEntry#checkReadCompletion. #15104
  • [cleanup][broker] Clean up individually deleted messages before the mark-delete position #14261


  • [improve][sec] Improve get the basic authentication config #16947
  • [improve][sec] Support for get token from HTTP params #16892
  • [fix][sec] AuthorizationService should use provider's canLookupAsync method #11777
  • [fix][sec] Avoid AuthenticationDataSource mutation for subscription name #16065
  • [fix][sec] Return if namespace policies are read only #12514
  • [refactor][sec] Switch to rely on Netty for Hostname Verification #15824
  • [cleanup][sec] Ignore case when obfuscating passwords in configuration scripts #15077


  • [fix][storage] ManagedCursor: mark delete no callback when create meta-ledger fail #16841
  • [fix][storage] Cancel offload tasks when managed ledger closed #16808
  • [fix][storage] Fix lost compaction data due to compaction properties missed during reset-cursor. #16404
  • [fix][storage] Do not move the non-durable cursor position when trimming ledgers while topic with compaction. #16403
  • [fix][storage] Fix issues in advanceNonDurableCursors #10667
  • [fix][storage] Follow up on race condition fixes in ManagedCursorImpl #15031 #15067
  • [fix][storage] Fix race condition in updating lastMarkDeleteEntry field #15031
  • [fix][storage] Fix NPE when removing cursor #12297
  • [improve][storage] If mark-delete operation fails, mark the cursor as "dirty" #14256


  • [fix][proxy] Fix client service url #16894
  • [fix][proxy] Prevent leak of unreleased lookupRequestSemaphore permits #13812
  • [fix][proxy] Remove unnecessary blocking DNS lookup in LookupProxyHandler #15415
  • [fix][proxy] Fix proxy connection leak when inbound connection closes while connecting is in progress #15366
  • [fix][proxy] Fix port exhaustion and connection issues in Pulsar Proxy #14078
  • [fix][proxy] Fix DNS server denial-of-service issue when DNS entry expires #15403
  • [fix][proxy] Configure Netty DNS resolver to match JDK DNS caching setting, share DNS resolver instance in Proxy #15219
  • [refactor][proxy] Refactor Proxy code and fix connection stalling by switching to auto read mode #14713
  • [improve][proxy] Fail proxy startup if brokerServiceURL is missing scheme #14682
  • [improve][proxy] Remove unnecessary Pulsar Client usage from Pulsar Proxy #13836


  • [fix][admin] Fix validateGlobalNamespaceOwnership wrap exception issue. #14269
  • [cleanup][admin] Update/fix Swagger Annotation for param: authoritative #16222


  • [fix][fn] Fix python instance not process zip file correctly #16697

Test & Others

  • [improve][test] Verify the authentication data in the authorization provider #16945
  • [improve][test] Exclude inner classes in surefire #9875
  • [fix][test] Enable ignored tests #16435
  • [fix][test] Fix setting Bookie dbStorage_*CacheMaxSizeMb in pulsar-test-latest-version docker image #9623
  • [improve][doc] Add more configuration methods for basic authentication #16941
  • [fix][build] Use grpc-bom to align grpc library versions #15234
  • [improve][ci] Add set up Java #16430
  • Update notice year. #13653

Dependency Updates

  • Upgrade protobuf to 3.16.1 to address CVE-2021-22569 #13695
  • Upgrade aircompressor to 0.20 #11790
  • Upgrade the BookKeeper version to 4.12.1 #16775
  • Upgrade Gson version 2.8.6 to 2.8.9 #13610
  • Upgrade Log4j2 to 2.17.1 #13552
  • Upgrade log4j2 version to 2.18.0 #16884