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Apache Pulsar 2.9.1


Apache Pulsar 2.9.1 is a bugfix release, that includes library upgrades for important security issues (like Apache Log4j2). It also includes fixes for some breaking changes introduced in 2.9.0.

Library updates

  • Bump log4j to 2.16.0 #13277
  • Upgrade OkHttp3 to address CVE-2021-0341 #13065
  • Upgrade Netty to 4.1.72 - CVE-2021-43797 #13328


  • Fixed LeaderElectionService.getCurrentLeader and added support for ephemeralOwner in MockZooKeeper #13066
  • Removed tenant permission verification when list partitioned-topic #13138
  • Fixed and improve topic ownership assignment #13069
  • Fixed consume message order issue when use listener.#13023
  • Fixed ManagedLedger: Do not reuse the Failed OpAddEntry object which lead bundle unloading timeout.#12993
  • Fixed incompatibility of BacklogQuota in the REST API #13291
  • Fixed unordered consuming case in Key_Shared subscription.#12890
  • Fixed the incorrect total size when BrokerEntryMetadata is enabled#12714
  • Reverted new AuthorizationProvider method #13133

Pulsar Functions

  • Fixed classloader leaks #12973
  • Fixed Kubernetes Pulsar Functions containers not exposing metrics port for scraping #12065