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Apache Pulsar 3.1.1



  • Fix incorrect number of read compacted entries #20978
  • Fix message loss during topic compaction #20980
  • Fix get outdated compactedTopicContext after compactionHorizon has been updated #20984
  • Fix compaction subscription delete by inactive subscription check #20983
  • Fix incorrect unack msk count when dup ack a message #20990
  • Fix ModularLoadManagerImpl always delete active bundle-data #20620
  • Use MessageDigest.isEqual when comparing digests #21061
  • Fix can't stop phase-two of compaction even though messageId read reaches lastReadId #20988
  • Make sure all inflight writes have finished before completion of compaction #21067
  • Fix chunked messages will be filtered by duplicating #20948
  • Fix potential case cause retention policy not working on topic level #21041
  • Make read compacted entries support maxReadSizeBytes limitation #21065
  • Remove bundle-data in local metadata store #21078
  • Fix write duplicate entries into the compacted ledger after RawReader reconnects #21081
  • Cleanup correctly heartbeat bundle ownership when handling broker deletion event #21083
  • Avoid splitting one batch message into two entries in StrategicTwoPhaseCompactor #21091
  • Fix unsubscribe non-durable subscription error #21099
  • Fix isolated group not work problem #21096
  • Consider iowait as idle #19110
  • Fix deleting topic not delete the related topic policy and schema #21093
  • Revert remove duplicate topics name when deleteNamespace #21087
  • Improve logs for troubleshooting #21141
  • Fix web tls url null cause NPE #21137
  • Fix unack count when mixing non batch index and batch index acks #21126
  • Backport fix UniformLoadShedder selecet wrong overloadbroker and underloadbroker #21180
  • Fix bug caused by optimistic locking #18390
  • Disable balancing based on DirectMemory #21168
  • Fix replicator leak when removeReplicator in NonPersistentTopic #21205
  • Fixed reset for AggregatedNamespaceStats #21225
  • Fixed produce and consume when anonymousUserRole enabled #21237

Pulsar IO and Pulsar Functions

  • [FN] Fix ProducerConfig cannot update error #21037
  • [FN] Fix the --batch-builder not working error for functions #21023
  • [FN] Fix functions_log4j2.xml delete strategy config #21215
  • [IO] Fix --retain[-key]-ordering not working error for sink #21060


  • [Admin] Fix get topic stats fail if a subscription catch up concurrently #20971


  • [META] Fix deadlock in AutoRecovery #21010
  • [META] Improve fault tolerance of blocking calls by supporting timeout #21028
  • [META] Improve to the ReplicaitonWorker performance by deleting invalid underreplication nodes #21059
  • [META] Fix metadata store deadlock due to BookkeeperInternalCallbacks.Processor #21159
  • [META] Fix PulsarLedgerUnderreplicationManager notify problem #21161
  • [META] Fix pulsar ledger auditor dead lock problem #21181
  • [ML] Persist mark deleted ops to ZK if create cursor ledger was failed #20935
  • [BK] Improve getIsolationGroup by avoid creating arrayList #20952
  • [BK] Fix RocksDB configuration #21157
  • [Proxy] Support disabling metrics endpoint #21031
  • [Proxy] Fix Proxy 502 gateway error when it is configured with Keystore TLS and admin API is called #21077
  • [TXN] Fix the consumer stuck due to deduplicated messages in pending ack state #21177

Library updates

  • Bump GRPC version to 1.55.3 to fix CVE #21057
  • Bump broker okio version to 3.4.0 #21064
  • Upgrade bookkeeper to 4.16.3 #21146

A special thanks to the following contributors who contributed to Pulsar 3.1.1: mattisonchao, tuteng, poorbarcode, asafm, hanmz, horizonzy, aloyszhang, hrzzzz, thetumbled, hangc0276, zymap, Technoboy-, erobot, liangyepianzhou, Shawyeok, Demogorgon314, TakaHiR07, coderzc, Apurva007, RobertIndie, Crispy-fried-chicken, jiangpengcheng, michaeljmarshall, lifepuzzlefun, AnonHxy, codelipenghui