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Apache Pulsar 3.2.1



  • Consistently add fine-grain authorization to REST API #22202
  • Add fine-grain authorization to retention admin API #22163
  • Print non log when delete partitioned topic failed #22153
  • Fix broker not starting when both transactions and the Extensible Load Manager are enabled #22139
  • Return getOwnerAsync without waiting on source broker upon Assigning and Releasing and handle role change during role init #22112
  • Cache the internal writer when sent to system topic. #22099
  • Enabling batch causes negative unackedMessages due to ack and delivery concurrency #22090
  • Support running docker container with gid != 0 #22081
  • Add an error log to troubleshoot the failure of starting broker registry #22065
  • Set ServiceUnitStateChannel topic compaction threshold explicitly, improve getOwnerAsync, and fix other bugs #22064
  • Fix hash collision when using a consumer name that ends with a number #22053
  • Sanitize values before logging in script #22044
  • Fix can not subscribe partitioned topic with a suffix-matched regexp #22025
  • Do not retain the data in the system topic #22022
  • Subscription stuck due to called Admin API analyzeSubscriptionBacklog #22019
  • Do not try to open ML when the topic meta does not exist and do not expect to create a new one #22004
  • Do not print an Error log when responding to HTTP-404 when calling Admin API and the topic does not exist #21995
  • Do not close the socket if lookup failed due to LockBusyException #21993
  • Support setting autoSkipNonRecoverableData dynamically in PersistentMessageExpiryMonitor #21991
  • Add timeout for health check read #21990
  • Fix schema deletion error when deleting a partitioned topic with many partitions and schema #21977
  • Defer the ownership checks if the owner is inactive (ExtensibleLoadManager) #21811
  • Fix compaction/replication data loss when expire messages #21865
  • Skip loading the NAR packages if not configured #21867
  • Improve NamespaceUnloadStrategy error message #21880
  • Don't rollover empty ledgers based on inactivity #21893
  • Expire messages according to ledger close time to avoid client clock skew #21940
  • Fix reader stuck when read from compacted topic with read compact mode disable #21969

Pulsar IO and Pulsar Functions

  • [FN] Add configuration for connector & functions package url sources #22184
  • [FN] Add missing "exception" argument to some log.error #22140
  • [FN] Prevent putstate uses empty values #22127
  • [FN] Optimize Function Worker startup by lazy loading and direct zip/bytecode access #22122
  • [FN] Prevent create state table from API calls for non-exists instances #22107
  • [FN] Use unified PackageManagement service to download packages #21955


  • [Admin] Expose the offload threshold in seconds to the admin #22101
  • [CLI] Fix the bug when set-retention specified size with -T #22150
  • [CLI] Error out when --destinationBroker is set when --bundle is empty #21879


  • [MISC] Add a check for the input time value #22023
  • [Proxy] Add a check for brokerServiceURL that does not support multi uri yet #21972
  • [TX] Get previous position by managed ledger #22024
  • [ML] Fix retry mechanism of deleting ledgers to invalidate #21869
  • [ML] Filter out deleted entries before read entries from ledger #21739

Library updates

  • Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.54.v20240208 to address CVE-2024-22201 #22144
  • pgrade commons-compress to 1.26.0 #22086
  • Upgrade BookKeeper dependency to 4.16.4 #21983

A special thanks to the following contributors who contributed to Pulsar 3.2.1: mattisonchao, lhotari, poorbarcode, Technoboy-, jiangpengcheng, dragosvictor, freeznet, liangyepianzhou, heesung-sn, zymap, massakam, thetumbled, BewareMyPower, chenhongSZ, Shawyeok, hangc0276, 315157973, coderzc, dao-jun.