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Pulsar Client Go


  • Expose BatchingMaxSize from ProducerOptions, see PR-280.
  • Allow applications to configure the compression level, see PR-290.
  • Support producer name for Message, see PR-299.
  • Support oauth2 authentication for pulsar-client-go, see PR-313.
  • Add interceptor feature for Go client, see PR-314.
  • Export client metrics to Prometheus, see PR-317.
  • Add Name method to Consumer interface, see PR-321.
  • Add oauth2 to the provider, see PR-338.
  • Support specified the oauth2 private key with prefix file:// and data://, see PR-343.
  • Fix the keyfile unmarshal error, see PR-339.
  • Add a new method to create auth provider from tls cert supplier, see PR-347.
  • Add seek logic for reader, see PR-356.


  • Use .asf.yaml to configure github repo, see PR-216.
  • Auto update the client to handle changes in number of partitions, see PR-221.
  • Clean callbacks of connection after run loop stopped, see PR-248.
  • Fix unable to close consumer after unsubscribe in Shared Subscription, see PR-283.
  • Introduced lifecycle for compression providers, see PR-284.
  • Use maxPendingMessages for sizing producer eventsChan, see PR-285.
  • Avoid contention on producer mutex on critical path, see PR-286.
  • Switched to DataDog zstd wrapper, reusing the compression ctx, see PR-287.
  • Fix panic when creating consumer with ReceiverQueueSize set to -1, see PR-289.
  • Used pooled buffering for compression and batch serialization, see PR-292.
  • Use gogofast to have in-place protobuf serialization, see PR-294.
  • Added semaphore implementation with lower contention, see PR-298.
  • Fixed pooled buffer lifecycle, see PR-300.
  • Removed blocking queue iterator, see PR-301.
  • Fix panic in CreateReader API using custom MessageID for ReaderOptions, see PR-305.
  • Change connection failed warn log to error and print error message, see PR-309.
  • Share buffer pool across all partitions, see PR-310.
  • Add rerun feature test command to repo, see PR-311.
  • Fix CompressMaxSize() for ZLib provider, see PR-312.
  • Reduce the size of the MessageID structs by one word on 64-bit arch, see PR-316.
  • Do not allocate MessageIDs on the heap, see PR-319.
  • Different MessageID implementations for message Production and Consumption, see PR-324.
  • Fix producer block when the producer with the same id, see PR-326.
  • Get the last message when LatestMessageID and inclusive, see PR-329.
  • Fix go.mod issue with invalid version, see PR-330.
  • Fix producer goroutine leak, see PR-331.
  • Fix producer state by reconnecting when receiving unexpected receipts, see PR-336.
  • Avoid producer deadlock on connection closing, see PR-337.
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