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Pulsar Client Go


  • Support retry letter topic in Go client, see PR-359.
  • Support limit the retry number of reconnectToBroker, see PR-360.
  • Support key shared policy in Go client, see PR-363.
  • Add schema logic in producer and consumer, see PR-368.


  • Fix panic on receiverQueueSize set to -1, see PR-361.
  • Fix may lead to panic test case, see PR-369.
  • Send delay message individually even batching is enabled, see PR-372.
  • Fixed buffer resize when writing request on connection, see PR-374.
  • Fixed deadlock in DLQ ack processing, see PR-375.
  • Fix deadlock when connection closed, see PR-376.
  • Fix producer deadlock after write failure, see PR-378.
  • Fix maxMessageSize not effective even if aligned with broker, see PR-381.
  • Update default router to switch partition on all batching thresholds, see PR-383.
  • Replaced with, see PR-385.
  • Fix retry policy not effective with non-FQDN topics, see PR-386.