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Pulsar Client Go


  • Make PartitionsAutoDiscoveryInterval configurable, see PR-514.
  • Always check connection close channell, before attempting to put requests, see PR-521.
  • Add LedgerId,EntryId,BatchIdx,PartitionIdx func for MessageId interface, see PR-529.
  • Add DisableReplication to Producer Message, see PR-543.
  • Updating comments to conform to golang comment specification, see PR-532.
  • Producer respects Context passed to Send() and SendAsync() when applying backpressure, see PR-534.
  • Simplify connection close logic, see PR-559.
  • Add open tracing to pulsar go client, see PR-518.
  • Update proto file, see PR-562.
  • Add send error logic for connection, see PR-566.
  • Add license file for depend on libs, see PR-567.


  • Update jwt-go dependency to resolve vulnerabilities, see PR-524.
  • Fixed Athenz repository name, see PR-522.
  • Fix reader latest position, see PR-525.
  • Fix timeout guarantee for RequestOnCnx, see PR-492.
  • Fix nil pointer error with GetPartitionedTopicMetadata, see PR-536.
  • Release locks before calling producer consumer response callbacks, see PR-542.
  • Fix lookup service not implemented GetTopicsOfNamespace, see PR-541.
  • Regenerate the certs to work with Pulsar 2.8.0 and Java 11, see PR-548.
  • Fix race condition when resend pendingItems, see PR-551.
  • Fix data race while accessing connection in partitionConsumer, see PR-535.
  • Fix channel data race, see PR-558.
  • Fix write to closed channel panic() in internal/connection during connection close, see PR-539.
  • Fix possible race condition in connection pool, see PR-561.
  • Fix default connection timeout, see PR-563.
  • Add lock for compressionProviders to fix data race problem, see PR-533.
  • Fix send goroutine blocked, see PR-530.