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Pulsar Client Go


  • Encryption support for producer, see PR-560
  • Decrytion support for consumer, see PR-612
  • User-defined metric cardinality, see PR-604
  • Better support for Azure AD OAuth 2.0, see PR-630, PR-633, PR-634
  • Removed testing for go versions 1.11 and 1.12, see PR-632
  • Add epoch to create producer to prevent a duplicate producer when broker is not available., see PR-582


  • Fix batch size limit validation, see PR-528
  • Fix logic of command for sendError, see PR-622
  • Drain connection requests channel without closing, see PR-645
  • Fix ConsumersOpened counter not incremented when use multitopic or regexp consumer, see PR-619
  • Fix reconnection logic when topic is deleted, see PR-627
  • Fix panic when scale down partitions, see PR-601
  • Fix missing metrics for topics by registration of existing collector, see PR-600
  • Fix producer panic by oldProducers, see PR-598
  • Fail pending messages when topic is terminated, see PR-588
  • Fix handle send error panic, see PR-576