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Pulsar DotPulsar


  • Added performance improvements when receiving data
  • Added the IHandleStateChanged\<TStateChanged> interface for easier state monitoring
  • Added StateChangedHandler methods on ConsumerBuilder, ReaderBuilder, and ProducerBuilder for easier state monitoring
  • Added StateChangedHandler property on ConsumerOptions, ReaderOptions, and ProducerOptions for easier state monitoring
  • Added four new DotPulsarExceptions: InvalidTransactionStatusException, NotAllowedException, TransactionConflictException and TransactionCoordinatorNotFoundException
  • Added properties on Message to read EventTime and PublishTime as DateTime
  • Added methods on the IMessageBuilder to set EventTime and DeliverAt using DateTime
  • Added properties on MessageMetadata to set EventTime and DeliverAtTime using DateTime
  • Added seeking by MessageId on the Reader
  • Added seeking by message publish time on the Consumer and Reader
  • Added GetLastMessageId on the Reader


  • The protobuf-net dependency is upgraded from 2.4.6 to 3.0.73 to get support for ReadOnlySequence\<byte>


  • Reconnection issues when seeking