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Pulsar DotPulsar


  • Metrics (the meter name is 'DotPulsar')
    • dotpulsar.client.count - number of active clients (gauge)
    • dotpulsar.connection.count - number of active connections (gauge)
    • dotpulsar.reader.count - number of active readers (gauge with 'topic' tag)
    • dotpulsar.consumer.count - number of active consumers (gauge with 'topic' tag)
    • dotpulsar.producer.count - number of active producers (gauge with 'topic' tag)
    • dotpulsar.producer.send.duration - Measures the duration for sending a message (histogram with 'topic' tag)
    • dotpulsar.consumer.process.duration - Measures the duration for processing a message (histogram with 'topic' and 'subscription' tags)


  • Adding a property to MessageMetadata with a key or value of null will throw an ArgumentNullException