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Pulsar client libraries

Pulsar supports the following client libraries:

Feature matrix

Pulsar client feature matrix for different languages is listed on Client Features Matrix page.

Third-party clients

Besides the official released clients, multiple projects on developing Pulsar clients are available in different languages.

If you have developed a new Pulsar client, feel free to submit a pull request and add your client to the list below.

Gopulsar-client-goComcast许可协议A native golang client
HaskellsupernovaChatroulette许可协议Native Pulsar client for Haskell
ScalaneutronChatroulette许可协议Purely functional Apache Pulsar client for Scala built on top of Fs2
Scalapulsar4ssksamuel许可协议Idomatic, typesafe, and reactive Scala client for Apache Pulsar
Rustpulsar-rsWyyerd Group许可协议Future-based Rust bindings for Apache Pulsar
.NETpulsar-client-dotnetLanayxGitHubNative .NET client for C#/F#/VB