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· 4 min read

The Apache Pulsar PMC is happy to announce the release of Pulsar 2.3.0. This is the result of huge effort from the community, with over 480 commits and a long list of new features, general improvements and bug fixes.

These improvements have been across the board in all of Pulsar components, from new messaging features, to improved usability for Pulsar Functions and Pulsar IO.

Check out the official release notes for a detailed list of the changes, with links to the relevant pull-requests, discussions and documentation.

Regarding new features introduced, I just want to highlight here a tiny subset of them:

· 4 min read

We are glad to present the new 2.1.0-incubating release of Pulsar. This release is the culmination of 2 months of work that have brought multiple new features and improvements to Pulsar.

In Pulsar 2.1 you'll see:

For details information please check the detailed release notes and 2.1.0 documentation.