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Label strategy

This guide explains the labels used in the apache/pulsar repository (the main repo).


After PR-17693 merged, pull requests except docs only changes should be first tested in your own fork since the pulsar CI based on GitHub Actions has constrained resources and quota. GitHub Actions provides separate quota for pull requests that are executed in a forked repository.

When a committer believe the PR is ready to test, they will label ready-to-test to the PR, and then you can rerun the CI tasks by commenting /pulsarbot run-failure-checks and trigger the full CI validation.

See also CI Testing in Fork.


When submitting an issue or PR, you must choose one of the documentation checkboxes, so the automation can label the PR correctly.

doc-not-neededYour PR changes do not impact docs
docYour PR contains doc changes, no matter whether the changes are in markdown or code files.
doc-requiredYour PR changes impact docs and you will update later.
doc-completeYour PR changes impact docs and the related docs have been already added.
doc-label-missingThe Bot applies this label when there is no doc label information in the PR if one of the following conditions is met:
  • You do not provide a doc label.
  • You provide multiple doc labels.
  • You delete backticks (``) in doc labels.
  • You add blanks in square brackets.
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