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Pulsar client libraries

Pulsar supports the following client libraries:

LanguageDocumentationRelease noteCode repo
Java- User doc

- API doc
C++- User doc

- API doc
Python- User doc

- API doc
WebSocketUser docHereHere
Go clientUser docHereHere
Node.jsUser docHereHere
C#User docHereHere
  • The code repos of Java, C++, Python, and WebSocket clients are hosted in the Pulsar main repo and these clients are released with Pulsar, so their release notes are parts ofย Pulsar release note.
  • The code repos of Go, Node.js, and C# clients are hosted outside of the Pulsar main repo and these clients are not released with Pulsar, so they have independent release notes.

Feature matrixโ€‹

Pulsar client feature matrix for different languages is listed on Pulsar Feature Matrix (Client and Function) page.

Third-party clientsโ€‹

Besides the official released clients, multiple projects on developing Pulsar clients are available in different languages.


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Gopulsar-client-goComcastLicenseA native golang client
HaskellsupernovaChatrouletteLicenseNative Pulsar client for Haskell
ScalaneutronChatrouletteLicensePurely functional Apache Pulsar client for Scala built on top of Fs2
Scalaneutron (profunktor's fork)ProfunKtorLicenseFs2-powered Apache Pulsar client with support for Scala 2 and 3
Scalapulsar4ssksamuelLicenseIdomatic, typesafe, and reactive Scala client for Apache Pulsar
Rustpulsar-rsWyyerd GroupLicenseFuture-based Rust bindings for Apache Pulsar
.NETpulsar-client-dotnetLanayxGitHubNative .NET client for C#/F#/VB
Node.jspulsar-flexDaniel Sinai, Ron Farkash, Gal RosenbergGitHubNative Nodejs client