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Pulsar client libraries

Pulsar supports the following client libraries:

Feature matrix

Pulsar client feature matrix for different languages is listed on Client Features Matrix page.

Third-party clients

Besides the official released clients, multiple projects on developing Pulsar clients are available in different languages.

If you have developed a new Pulsar client, feel free to submit a pull request and add your client to the list below.

Gopulsar-client-goComcastLicenseA native golang client
Scalapulsar4ssksamuelLicenseIdomatic, typesafe, and reactive Scala client for Apache Pulsar
Rustpulsar-rsWyyerd GroupLicenseFuture-based Rust bindings for Apache Pulsar
.NETpulsar-client-dotnetLanayxGitHubNative .NET client for C#/F#/VB