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Managing Tenants

Tenants, like namespaces, can be managed using the admin API. There are currently two configurable aspects of tenants:

  • Admin roles
  • Allowed clusters

Tenant resources


You can list all of the tenants associated with an instance.

Use the list subcommand.

$ pulsar-admin tenants list


You can create a new tenant.

Use the create subcommand:

$ pulsar-admin tenants create my-tenant

When creating a tenant, you can assign admin roles using the -r/--admin-roles flag. You can specify multiple roles as a comma-separated list. Here are some examples:

$ pulsar-admin tenants create my-tenant \
--admin-roles role1,role2,role3

$ pulsar-admin tenants create my-tenant \
-r role1

Get configuration

You can fetch the configuration for an existing tenant at any time.

Use the get subcommand and specify the name of the tenant. Here's an example:

$ pulsar-admin tenants get my-tenant
"adminRoles": [
"allowedClusters": [


Tenants can be deleted from a Pulsar instance.

Use the delete subcommand and specify the name of the tenant.

$ pulsar-admin tenants delete my-tenant


You can update a tenant's configuration.

Use the update subcommand.

$ pulsar-admin tenants update my-tenant