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Default arguments of CLI

You can use function-related commands in the pulsar-admin CLI to deploy functions. Pulsar provides a variety of commands, such as:

The following table lists the parameters required in CLI and their default values.

ParameterDefault value
Function nameN/A
You can specify any value for the function name (except org, library, or similar class names).
The value is derived from the name of the input topics. For example, if the input topic form is persistent://marketing/{namespace}/{topicName}, the tenant name is marketing.
The value is derived from the input topic name. If the input topic form is persistent://marketing/asia/{topicName}, the namespace is asia.
Output topic{input topic}-{function name}-output. For example, if an input topic name of a function is incoming and the function name is exclamation, the output topic name is incoming-exclamation-output.
Processing guaranteesATLEAST_ONCE
Pulsar service URLpulsar://localhost:6650

Take the create command for example. The following function has default values for the function name (MyFunction), tenant (public), namespace (default), subscription type (SHARED), processing guarantees (ATLEAST_ONCE), and Pulsar service URL (pulsar://localhost:6650).

bin/pulsar-admin functions create \
--jar $PWD/my-pulsar-functions.jar \
--classname org.example.MyFunction \
--inputs my-function-input-topic1,my-function-input-topic2