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Error message: Namespace missing local cluster name in clusters list

Failed to get partitioned topic metadata: org.apache.pulsar.client.api.PulsarClientException$BrokerMetadataException: Namespace missing local cluster name in clusters list: local_cluster=xyz ns=public/functions clusters=[standalone]

The error message displays when any of the following cases occurs:

  • a broker is started with functionsWorkerEnabled=true, but pulsarFunctionsCluster in the conf/functions_worker.yml file is not set to the correct cluster.
  • setting up a geo-replicated Pulsar cluster with functionsWorkerEnabled=true, while brokers in one cluster run well, brokers in the other cluster do not work well.


If any of these cases happen, follow the instructions below to fix the problem.

  1. Disable function workers by setting functionsWorkerEnabled=false, and restart brokers.

  2. Get the current cluster list of the public/functions namespace.

    bin/pulsar-admin namespaces get-clusters public/functions
  3. Check if the cluster is in the cluster list. If not, add it and update the list.

    bin/pulsar-admin namespaces set-clusters --clusters <existing-clusters>,<new-cluster> public/functions
  4. After setting the cluster successfully, enable function workers by setting functionsWorkerEnabled=true.

  5. Set the correct cluster name for the pulsarFunctionsCluster parameter in the conf/functions_worker.yml file.

  6. Restart brokers.