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Version: 3.3.x

Prepare Kubernetes resources

For a fully functional Pulsar cluster, you need a few resources before deploying the Apache Pulsar Helm Chart. This section provides the information about the preparations you need to do before deploying the Pulsar Helm Chart.


Set up your environment by installing the required tools.

Install kubectl

kubectl 1.18 or higher is the required tool that talks to the Kubernetes API. It needs to be compatible with your cluster (+/- 1 minor release from your cluster). The server version of kubectl cannot be obtained until you connect to a cluster.

For the installation instructions, see the Kubernetes documentation.

Install Helm

Helm is the package manager for Kubernetes. The Apache Pulsar Helm Chart is supported with Helm v3 (3.0.2 or higher).

You can get the Helm from the project's releases page, or follow other options under the official documentation of installing Helm.

Create Kubernetes cluster

A Kubernetes cluster version 1.18 or higher is required for continuing the deployment. For details about how to create a Kubernetes cluster, see Kubernetes documentation.